“An excuse is nothing but the skin of a reason…”

March 22, 2016

Just a note on the photo:  Christmas Day, 2015, looking North from the entrance to Ocean City State Park.  Shot with the camera on my Samsung Note4 – not a bad pic for a cell phone, if ya’ don’t mind my sayin’ so!

My apologies to my readers – no excuse the for lack of posts!  (Actually, I’d love to roll out a whole litany of excuses, but then the ghost of my dear Grandmother would appear to not-so-gently remind me:  “No excuses, young man!  An excuse is nothing but the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie!” and then I’d be ‘fessing up to all manner of misconduct!  So we’ll just leave it at the apologies stage.)

We’re headed to Ocean City State Park again this weekend for a 3-day dig for razor clams – clamming constitutes much of our camping in the Fall thru Spring months.  I’ll try to catch up on some of the work backlog from trips since last Fall but that won’t all happen in one week, especially if I’m going to get any time in chronicling the current journey.  That’s the last trip we’ll take ’til mid April.  We’re nearly at the 5K mile mark on the new rig and it’s time for an oil change before we head out on the next adventure.

Coming up in April:  We have Darling-Darling’s eldest nephew (her family’s current head for those of you up on those types of things) visiting from Korea for a couple of weeks and we’re going to do the whirlwind tour of the West Coast:

  • Down the Oregon Coast to San Francisco, one night stay enroute at Oceanside Beachfront Resort in Charleston.  We’ll stay 2 nights at San Francisco RV resort in Pacifica and do the San Francisco Tourist Thing – at least to the best of my memory from the 4 years I spent at University of San Francisco as Professor of Military Science.
  • Then off to Anaheim and my sister-in-law’s house plus Anaheim/LA touristy things.  We’ll stay 4 nights at the Anaheim RV Park in Anaheim, and I hope to do 2 days at Disneyland/California Adventure courtesy of my Cast Member Main Entrance Pass with guests plus my stock of Comp Tickets as required (Thanks, Mickey!!!), plus a day at Universal Studios, and stop over at the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.
  • Following that, it’s back North on I-5 to Medford, probably stay over in a Rest Stop, then time permitting, up to Crater Lake, and then Hwy 97 on to the Columbia River for a night near Bonneville Dam to show off our hydro power and hopefully some Spring Chinook in the fish ladders.
  • Then back home to Lakewood, with a day in downtown Seattle and a day at Mt Rainier, and then nephew and wife to SeaTac and back to work for Little Dickey Carroll!

As always, May you never stop learning and may your journeys always lead to new and exciting destinations!