Seattle Cancer Care Alliance – SCCA

SCCA Web Site:

What is SCCA?  Seattle Cancer Care Alliance brings together the leading research teams and cancer specialists of Fred Hutch, Seattle Children’s, and UW Medicine. One extraordinary group whose sole mission is the pursuit of better, longer, richer lives for our patients… (SCCA) represents a union of patients and doctors, physicians and researchers, care and cures in the pursuit of better, longer, richer lives for our patients.

Above all, we exist to move patients forward, past boundaries and toward hope, beyond fear and closer to discovery. SCCA is the intersection of compassion and hard science. Where a real difference can be made today and true progress happens tomorrow.

What part of SCCA did LDC engage to pursue his treatment?  SCCA is a very BIG organization with many, many research and treatment centers spread throughout the Greater Seattle metropolitan area, from Renton to North Seattle, and South Lake Union to Kirkland.  My treatment is performed at the SCCA Proton Therapy Center, at 1570 N 115th Street, a few blocks east of Aurora Avenue North where they “…provide… an advanced, precise form of radiation treatment for adult and pediatric cancer patients.”

How did LDC come to choose SCCA as his treatment provider?  Aaaah – but that’s where the story lies now, isn’t it?  LDC set up this whole TJLDC thing so he could tell you stories and you’ll just have to have to read along and find that out, won’t you?